What Is Web Hosting and How Does It Work?

Web hosting is where a third party hosts your website data (e.g. photos, videos, files, information); a web hosting company. This host for your website is typically very secure and available worldwide through the internet; 24/7. Users searching for information or content that your website provides will visit your secure website with ease.

Think of it like this; when you arrange web hosting, it is much like renting your office building. It’s the place you need to do business. You then furnish that building, and those “furnishings” on your website would be the design and content on your web pages. Once you are all moved in, you will be ready for your internet visitors!

What type of web hosting is right for you?

There are many types of hosting, but the most common and most frequently used are Shared, VPS, and WordPress hosting. The following descriptions of each will help you decide which one is right for you.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is optimal for beginners and the most cost-effective option. With shared hosting, your website will host on a secure server with many other websites.

It’s like living in a shared house, where lots of people who might not otherwise know each other life together. You would choose this option to lower your cost of rent, and shared hosting is quite similar. It convenient and makes you’re live easier!

Shared hosting is the most affordable hosting, fitting for beginners, testing new ideas, or hobby websites. It’s also best suited to small businesses or websites that receive less than 5,000 visits per month.

A shared hosting package doesn’t offer you control over your server environment, but it has its advantages. Your hosting provider will work on your website’s back end and take care of all server maintenance.

If you plan to create your first website, you might want to consider shared hosting, which is the most straightforward and most affordable hosting type. For instance, Bluehost’s shared hosting plan starts at just $3.95/month.

VPS (Virtual Private Servers)Hosting

VPS hosting is more powerful than shared hosting, and the price is still reasonable. This hosting method is more secure than shared hosting, where one server hosts many websites and all users have access over the same server.

With VPS, you can expect to be sharing the server with tens of websites instead of hundreds or thousands of websites. This option gives your website a large portion of the server’s storage space and higher overall resource availability. VPS hosting is necessary if you want to expand your business, provide a better performance, and increase the bandwidth you offer users. You can also expect more flexibility to configure your applications on the server, deliver more resources, and have more overall freedom while still sharing the server with other websites.

If you’re hoping for faster web hosting, safer hosting with more robust features, and looking for more flexibility than shared hosting, a VPS could be right for you. Most VPS hosting packages start at around $30/month.

WordPress Hosting

A WordPress hosting is ideal and specially designed and optimized if you’re running a high-traffic WordPress blog. It comes with blazing speed, automatic updates, robust security, expert support, but all at an upscale price. WordPress hosting takes care of all the technical aspects of hosting your site and allows you to devote all of your energy to making quality content and marketing the web site. The WordPress Hosting services tend to be more expensive than standard shared hosting services, but for those who aren’t interested in fine-tuning a server, these services can be very beneficial.

WordPress Hosting helps you manage your WordPress website. It offers various features, depending on the WordPress hosting you choose.

What Web Hosting Should I use?

In order to create your website on the internet, you will need to choose a type of web hosting. You should select the web hosting product that meets your budget, needs, and performance requirements. While you research web hosting providers, you will observe many offering perks like unlimited disc space and bandwidth. You may also find free domain names and SSL certificates.

If you decide to use WordPress for your website, you may want to consider a hosting company such as NR Hosting Ltd.

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